Count To Three Salsa

In my opinion a perfect mix of spicy but not over powering. It seems really mild but count to three and…


1 jalapeno pepper

1 long hot pepper

1 baby sweet pepper

1/4 cup diced onion (optional)

2 cup diced tomato

1 Teaspoon brown sugar

1 sprinkling of chili powder

Dice each pepper into really really fine pieces (I personally use my slap chopper to quickly reduce them to tiny minced bits). Be careful with the Jalapeno, they are REALLY hot and should be used with a light hand. Wear gloves if possible and be sure to wash your hands. Mix ingredients together and sprinkle some chili powder in.  Enjoy cold with your favorite chips. Ideally it should come out with a sweet initial taste but a sudden burst of pleasant spice within three seconds.


I made mine because a full pepper was too much to spice my meat with for the Plantain recipe so I used half of those items to make the salsa


2 thoughts on “Count To Three Salsa

  1. My Texas bias is screaming at me: no cilantro?!

    I know, I know, not everyone likes coriander leaves. I don’t understand it, but I don’t have to. I accept your experience of cilantro as valid.

    I like the idea of blending in some sweet peppers for more pepper taste w/o amping up the initial heat.

  2. Feel free to add more cilantro or other items. The sweet peppers don’t just add taste they also really help with building chunkyness without adding heat. I wasn’t kidding that the peppers I used were REALLY hot.

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